Interconnecting Piping

EPI industrial plant planning offers you basic and detail engineering for pipelines.

Pipes are referred to as connecting pipes if they are attached directly or indirectly to the plant foundation. Due to the tolerances that are common in construction, isometrics do not make sense here (only after the construction dimensions have been checked on site), so the connecting pipeline is usually manufactured on site. Connecting pipelines are always located inside buildings. It describes, for example, the piping between the pump station (producer) and the cylinder (consumer).

3D Verrohrung im Keller

The pipeline planning is based on pipe classes. The medium, the material and all pipeline components (pipes, fittings, shaped parts, flanges, screw connections, sleeves, etc.) are specified in the pipe classes.
We offer you to create the pipe classes according to your specifications.


The procedure is based on the P+I diagram. The nominal diameter, the pressure and the flow rate are defined here.

P+I Diagramm

For the piping plans and assembly drawings, we create the bills of material for the piping components.

2D Rohrleitungsplan
2D Piping Plan
Bild von einem Entzunderungskeller