Stress calculation with ROHR2

The EPI industrial plant planning offers you a calculation for the static and dynamic structural analysis of the pipelines.

The pipe static calculation is carried out with one of the leading CAE systems, ROHR2.
After the calculation isometrics from the 3D pipeline planning have been loaded into the calculation model as a PCF file, the system is prepared by assigning the pipe class and the load cases.
Now follows the optimization of the pipe system.

The following invoice runs are carried out:

System preparation including system plot
Load case: operating weight and design pressure, pressure test
Load case: thermal expansion and friction
Load case: snow & wind
Extreme value formation of the bearing loads (tabular evaluation)
Stress evaluation according to EN13480 (Eurocode) or ASME B31.3
Short report with summary

Berechnungsmodell aus Rohr2

A pipe system calculation is created for the evaluation of spatial pipe systems. This allows the pipeline stresses to be adequately assessed with regard to weight loads, restricted thermal expansion and any additional loads that may occur.

Evidence is kept of:

Analysis of the pipeline routing from the 3D planning (possibly also from existing course isometrics)
Stresses in pipes and fittings
movements of the pipelines
Deformations of the pipelines
loads at connection points
loads on supports
Flange verifications according to EN 1591:2014
For the separate consideration of individual components and connections, we create FEM analyzes with Rohr2 FESU

pipe bridge
Stahlbaubrücke mit Rohrleitungen
pipe bridge module
FEM Analyse T-Stück
FEM analysis